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Scientists Uncover The Surprising Reason Why Some Dogs Stay Healthy Into Their Teens

Have you ever wondered why your dog occasionally indulges in a quick grassy snack, or perhaps why their mood fluctuates? Could the answer be lurking inside their gut? Well, if you’re keen on diving deep into the world of pet well-being, sit tight and prepare for a revelation. The answer might be a lot smaller than you think but with an impact larger than you can imagine: Probiotics.

What Are Probiotics?

We’re all familiar with the concept of antibiotics—those medical marvels that combat harmful bacteria. But what about their lesser-known siblings, the Probiotics? Instead of destroying bacteria, these tiny microorganisms are the “good guys” that populate your digestive system and keep everything in balance. In human terms, think of them as the vigilant neighborhood watch inside your body, maintaining peace and harmony in a microscopic community.

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that offer numerous health benefits, particularly for your digestive system. They aren’t just great for humans; these beneficial microorganisms are making a groundbreaking entry into pet wellness too. And yes, we’re talking about your four-legged best friend!

The Awe-Inspiring World of Dog’s Probiotics

When it comes to dogs, not all bacteria are created equal. While the human gut is a bustling metropolis of diverse microorganisms, a dog’s digestive system has its own unique microbial landscape. It’s a world still shrouded in some mystery but with enormous potential to transform your pet’s health. Probiotics designed specifically for dogs contain bacterial strains that are optimized to flourish in a canine gut.

Why Does Your Dog Need Probiotics?

  1. Digestive Health: Just like in humans, probiotics help in breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating waste. A gut populated by healthy bacteria is a happy gut.
  2. Mood and Behavior: Ever heard of the ‘gut-brain axis’? There’s growing evidence that a balanced gut flora can positively influence behavior and mood. If your pet’s been unusually grumpy, probiotics might just be the mood-booster they need.
  3. Immune System Support: These beneficial bacteria fortify the intestinal walls, making it harder for pathogens to break through, thus acting as the first line of defense against illnesses.
  4. Skin and Coat: Believe it or not, a balanced gut can manifest in a healthier, shinier coat and less itchy skin.

Two Golden Retrievers.

Blake, the Golden you see on the left…

  • Is struggling badly.
  • He hardly has the energy to stand…his appetite is perhaps 1/8th of what it used to be…
  • His coat is coarse and dry…
  • And you can tell by the way he whimpers after trying to jump onto the couch that he’s in a lot of pain.

Meanwhile Charlie, who’s the Golden you see on the right…

  • Is doing great.
  • His energy levels are phenomenal…
  • He runs, jumps, and plays like he did when he was a puppy…
  • His coat looks terrific…
  • He doesn’t have bad breath…

By all appearances it seems like Charlie will enjoy several additional years of amazing health.

So how can this be?

And they’ve been amazed
to find that the dogs they love:

  • Have noticeably more energy when it’s time for a walk or to play – yet they also act calmer and less anxious at home (even when there are visitors or guests).
  • Are less bothered by joint issues or pain… as their mobility increases and they have an easier time once-again jumping onto the couch, or running up the stairs…
  • See their digestive issues simply vanish – with messy poops, horrible gas, and nauseating breath just no longer being a “thing.”
  • Exhibit less aggression, stop yelping, whining, and barking… and no longer do weird stuff like trying to eat other dog’s poop or grass…
  • Experience a healthier, shinier, and more luxurious looking coat than ever before – with no more red patches, allergies, rashes, itchiness, or incessant licking.