Give Where we live: The Royal Music Academy and NiHao Food Bank Initiative’s Concert to Combat Hunger in North Texas

On the evening of May 4th, the Royal Music Academy of Dallas and the NiHao Food Bank Initiative co-hosted a charity concert titled “With Love: Supporting the North Texas Food Bank.” All the teachers and most of the students from RMA attended the performance. The audience seats were almost full, and there was continuous applause. Through this initiative, awareness was raised about hunger, and a substantial 33,600 meals were collected to help alleviate hunger in North Texas. This was such a meaningful event!

This concert showcased the incredible impact of music and community spirit. Talented musicians performed, providing entertainment while sharing the uplifting story of the NiHao Food Bank Initiative’s work to unite the Dallas Chinese community against hunger. The event was enthusiastically supported by local officials and Chinese community leaders, including Texas State Senator Angie Chen Button and Addison Mayor Bruce Arfsten.

Erin Fincher, the Senior Director of Donation and Strategic Planning at the North Texas Food Bank, took the stage to express gratitude towards NiHao and the Chinese community for their ongoing support. Since 2023, NiHao has donated 1.6 million meals and raised $360,000 for the food bank. During the concert, Mr. Xie Bing, one of the founders of the NiHao Food Bank Initiative, and Mr. Lü Chengyin, co-founder of the Royal Music Academy, presented a check from the proceeds of ticket sales.

The Royal Music Academy’s ensemble of over 60 students performed masterfully on cellos, violins, and violas, raising about $112,00 to the fundraiser through their music. Their performances highlighted the power of music to entertain and make a tangible difference in the community.

This generous donation symbolized the Chinese community’s unwavering commitment to charity and their dedication to making a difference in the community.

From the dynamic performance of “Palladio” by the Royal Music Academy Chamber Orchestra to the exploration of memory and personal history in “Memory Palace,” each piece reinforced the theme of resilience and hope. The rendition of “Schindler’s List” by Chengyin Lu, Jiaxi Liu, and Lizhen Wu brought about a deep reflection on the challenges of survival and humanity. It reminded the audience of their shared duty to fight against hunger and to ensure dignity for everyone.

This concert also paid tribute to the pioneering generations of the Chinese-American community, who brought their hard work and values to the United States, striving to create a better life for their descendants. The spirit of vigorous endeavor and determination to thrive in a new land was vividly captured in the performance of “Galloping War Horses” by the distinguished erhu player and educator, Professor Lü Hongyan. The program seamlessly wove exquisite musical performances with poignant narratives, highlighting the strenuous efforts led by NiHao to combat hunger in the community. Stories were shared about how NiHao has united various Chinese groups in Dallas, spreading the concept of fighting hunger through annual peanut butter drives, monthly volunteer services, and diverse fundraising activities.

Bing Xie, the Co-founder of the NiHao Food Bank Initiative, expressed his admiration on stage, saying, “The concert was remarkable and beautifully executed, truly embodying the spirit of giving within our community. A big thank you to RMA and everyone involved. This event is a testament to our unwavering commitment to raising crucial funds for the North Texas Food Bank and showing appreciation to the supporters of the NiHao initiatives.”

As the last notes of “You and Me” echoed into the night, the audience departed with a renewed sense of hope and inspiration, united in their commitment to forge a brighter future for everyone. Steven Lu, co-founder of the Royal Music Academy, explained the motivation behind the concert, saying, “The ‘Give Where You Live’ charity concert did more than entertain; it served as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of music and the steadfast spirit of a community determined to make a difference. We harness the power of music to support those in poverty, demonstrating our care and influence within our community!”

After the concert, Mr. Lü Chengyin shared his thoughts on the event’s purpose: “This charity concert was more than just an auditory feast; it was an opportunity to use the power of music to support the underprivileged. We aim to convey the care of the Chinese community through such events and enhance our impact within the broader community.”  We hope that more students will join the Royal Music Academy and participate in meaningful activities like this one.

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