I have had a good experience with this watch. It is the watch that I needed. I don’t regret my experience. I bought one for me. When I saw that it worked for six months with no problem, I bought two more for my sons. I am a very punctual person and I need a precise watch. I have used the chronograph to measure if I’m following my schedule properly. It hasn’t disappointed me.


Of course, I’ve been using the gold-tone model and my sons have the blue and silver blue versions. Their mechanism is too precise and they are really resistant. My watch does not have scratches despite It was beaten by a broken baseball bat accidentally when I took my kids to a practice. You can take shower or swim with no problem. I’m really glad that their colors have a real good quality. I hate when I found a product that loses its color soon or doesn’t have the color it’s shown in the webpage.


I think their price is accurate and very affordable. Despite that it is not a real Victorinox its quality is not bad. I have bought non useful watches before by a higher prices. So, I think I have invested my money well.  I wanted to buy the same for my wife but she asked me for a digital watch. I think we should buy analog classic watches for our sons because they learn how to know what time is it since they are children. I know many cases of adults that don’t know how to use analog watches because their parents only gave them those digital watches. I think is more accurate not to let children use so much technology at early ages. Hence, I bought these good Swiss army watches and I feel satisfied.


Also, they learn how to dress as gentlemen. You always have to teach your children what the normal behavior of an adult is. Thus, they can follow your example. I can trust that they will understand what I mean when they grow up.

Both of the times that I bought the product, they came soon. I only have to wait the first time for two days and the second time it came in just one day. I really liked the customer attention. It is a little bit for my children, so they can’t use their watches while they play baseball. The rest of the time they have gotten used to the presence of the watch on their wrist. I usually preferred a heavier watch, yet this one is not so light so I got used to it quickly. The band is large, so I didn’t have troubles with my monstrous wrist. I had to adjust my children’s watches by removing some links. But it is just a small detail.

I would buy it again. If it has worked properly for almost two years, why do I have to change it?


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