I have been satisfied of this Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s I.N.O.X. Watch because it is the most resistant watch I have ever had. I don’t feel regret. I bought another one for my son since he liked the model. It is very resistant. I’m a truck driver and I need to be aware of the time. I hate when a watch loses precision, but this one has never failed during all the time I have use it.


I thought it was a lie that it was so resistant and solid. Once my little daughter took my son’s watch and threw it from the window of my truck—you know how children are… —while I was driving at a high speed. I stopped and my son returned to see if he could find it again. We were very surprised since he found it safe and save. It just got a tiny scratch in the center of the crystal and continued working normally.


I like it also because of the design. It doesn’t make me look as an old man. It is a simple and classic design. I do not feel attraction for lots of digital features neither my son does.  I chose the silver and yellow model because it is easier for me to look at it during the night. I have used it both for driving and going to parties. Recently, I went to a wedding and I wore a black suit and it matched with my outfit that day.


It is not the kind of heavy watch, so the weight is not an issue. I haven´t feel bothered when I have it. It is easy to get used to it. If you like heavy watches, I do not recommend you this.


I haven’t checked personally if it is really water resistant, but my son went to swim once and it kept working. To be honest, my son has risked it more than me. He has dropped oil over the watch when cooking.  I try to take care of it as much as I can. I haven’t changed the battery yet and I have used it for around one year and a half.

I think that it could resist harder situations. However, I’m not going to check if it resists a truck crash or a hammer smash. I would recommend it to people who practices heavy work and people that love throwing their stuff against the wall because it is resistant.


In the case of my son the watch has lost the color a little bit because he sweats as a hypo and never cleans his watch. But if you take care of it, clean it regularly and you do not expose it to risky situations, it will last for a long time. I do not have complains about these beautiful watch. It is elegant, classic and so precise. I would buy it again without any problem. Of course, I wouldn’t buy another for my son because he doesn’t care of his own stuff.







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