I was looking for an elegant and classic watch for using it during when I’m teaching and having meeting and conferences. It has good colors and consider that should not be just for men since women could use it without any problem.


I have watches for every situation and like to use the exact tool for every aspect of my life. I practice tennis and go swimming and I love Barbecues, so I need a watch that stands even in the presence of high temperatures. Then, since I lost my last “teaching” watch, I started to look for a new one.  I found this Victorinox 241602 Men’s Maverick Analog Display Swiss Quartz Watch and I really like it. It fits with my outfit and helps me to give the impression of a serious man. It is very resistant, I had an accident last week. I tripped over and fell on the floor. The front of the watch had an impact with the floor. It didn’t get harmed, I just had to clean it.


I think it has an accurate and precise weight. It is neither heavy nor too light. It is not a problem to wear it. I’m very careful with this everything, and I have seen that this watch will last for a long time. Only once my wife was in the bathroom and there was a problem with the pipes and while she was calling a plumber, I tried to stop the water flow. I was wearing my watch during that moment and it resisted and worked normally. So, it is true that is water resistant. Its mechanism is strong because it didn’t have a modification in the hour and the markers stayed stable.


I like the fact that it has a battery life indicator. So, one can be aware of its state to renovate it.  It has a good warranty. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that it has lost its color. However, it is normal since my wrist tend to sweat. The strap is very comfortable. Other watches that I have used during the time always hurt my wrist. This Victorinox watch has been too accurate for that because I can used for long and extended periods and I don’t get my wrist lacerated. Also, it doesn’t reflex the light too much. It is disgusting that some watches do not show anything when they are in light environments, but this one has not put me in that situation. On the contrary, when you are in a dark place, the minute and hour hands shine and you can clearly see what time is it.

I have found it very affordable. It has fitted all the necessities I have. However, I do not recommend it to people who is looking for a more modern design. It is a classic and simple design, not ostentatious. I would gift it to a teacher, a writer, doctor, or a manager. Sports people could find it very simple. So, watch it carefully before buying it. I spent a lot of time and effort to search great sellers of Victorinox 241602 Men’s Maverick Watch . All of them have quality assurance and customer satisfaction guarantee.


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