I wanted to buy a classic and elegant watch of a well-known mark. My father always used Seiko. I remember that he gifted me a Seiko watch when I was a child. I loved that watch, but it got broken because it fell while I was riding my bike. I bought this Seiko watch for remembering my father. He loved Seiko classic models. At the beginning, I didn’t know what a kinetic watch was. Now I feel so satisfied because I don’t have to change batteries or to be concerned about the length of the power of the battery. It works just with the movement of my hands. Many friends have told me that they have used this kind of watch and their mechanism always stops; however, they are all surprised when I show them my watch working. Its internal system is too precise and I just have to keep it on my hands. I can take a shower with it. Even swim at a swimming pool or the beach and it keeps going. I feel very comfortable with it. Some watches’ band hurt you when you used them for an extended time. It doesn’t happen with my Seiko watch. I love its design. It is very simple but not less elegant and it matches in any environment. Of course, it would be difficult to use it for sports. I wouldn’t recommend it.


I went to my father’s memorial last month and I felt very proud because I was wearing a gray suit and black tie with my Seiko and everybody told me that I looked like my father when he was younger. I would have liked to give him this watch as a gift. So, I gifted my father in law with a different model but not less beautiful and precise.


I haven’t had any accident with my watch. I look after it as much as I can. It has a little stain in the bend because once I was frying potatoes in my house and it was slashed out with oil. So, I would recommend not to expose it to hot liquids because they logically will damage the watch. In the case of cold liquids it doesn’t matter because I have painted a wall with it and it has gotten a little bit painted. Then, I have removed the stain with water and it is clean again.

I haven’t opened its case for checking if something is wrong. The watch has been working properly during a year and a half with no trouble. It is the kind of product that would last for several years if you take care of it. The only aspect that I think could be improved is the size of the band.


However, it is adjustable. I only had to remove some links. It will always happen if you are too thin. I have bought belts and had the same trouble. In short, I have really enjoyed my Seiko Watch.


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