We all have a dream life and of course, who does not want to have it? I think none. The problem is when we feel insecure to achieve our goals, and it is when gurus appear that they can “predict the future”, something that, without doubts, is very difficult to believe. Generally these “seers” give you information about your future by reading the lines of your hand, through your psychic presence, through tarot cards or simply in the popular crystal ball.


Now, everything seems to have been created a new way to glimpse our future, and yes, the digital age has to do with this new form. Reality Bending Secrets is a program that will be responsible for showing us this new technique, which is being used too much in social networks. If you are intrigued and want to know what this new method is about to know about our future, stay, because we will provide all the necessary information.


What’s Reality Bending Secrets?


Reality Bending Secrets

Without thinking twice, I think if we are offered information about our future we would accept, of course, perhaps out of mere curiosity, since it is difficult to believe this, but it does not seem impossible. Reality Bending Secrets is a web page with a quiz, which will lead you to a series of questions, which you will answer according to your best judgment. At the end of the quiz the page will ask for your name and email to give you the results, saying that “the report is based on the calculated answers from the quiz you’ve completed”. The result is percentage. I personally did it and my result was 78%, but 78% of what? This is what you surely want to know.


What information does Reality Bending Secrets really offer us? The quiz gives us a percentage of how close we are to realizing our dream life, yes, this test analyzes us, according to our tastes and tendencies, to tell us whether or not we are on the right path. According to my result, I am 78% close to my dream life, so, something I am doing wrong. But what good is it for us to know that we are doing it wrong if we do not know what we are doing wrong? It would be like receiving the scolding of a teacher without her telling us what the mistake is. Well, we’re going to this point.


My Reality Bending Secrets Review:


After giving our e-mail and receiving on the same page the percentage acquired by the test, comes to our email a message that gives us a link, which allows us to go back to the website and show us a video that, according to us it will tell why we are not close to our 100% dream life. I had the opportunity to see it; but, before thinking that what he said to me that video is true or not, we must analyze something before. And is that, the email is personalized, and states the following:


Hey XXX,

“Thank you for taking part in the ‘Are you close to your dream reality’ quiz and you are now a member of our tribe.
We’ve prepared a complimentary customized reading for you to discover the major setbacks in your life that has been preventing you from getting to where you want to be.
You can access it right here…
It took me a lot of time, effort, and experience to create this PERSONAL reading just for YOU.
So please just set aside a couple of minutes right now to look at it.
Click here to check it out
It’ll be absolutely life-changing!
To bending your reality,


As we can observe, he speaks to us personally, he never generalizes us with a sign, or with people who got a similar rating. So how will this video be exclusive to us? No, it is impossible to create a video in as few seconds and on an analysis as deep and complicated as it is. Yes, perhaps the test has a psychological background, and can generate an automatic and instantaneous result due to patterns implanted by some experts in psychology, then, this is not ruled out; nevertheless, to offer us results and at the same time, a set of arguments for which you are not close to your dream life, seems very difficult to achieve, and could even catalog it impossible, since someone should record the video, the letter and must analyze us personally. This test does not seem feasible then. In any case, the diagnosis and advice provided by the video is based on a generalized pattern, so it may have some real analysis, but it is not personalized as indicated by the email received.


Similarly, the diagnosis I obtained was not exactly assimilated to my personality and the decisions I have taken in life, unless consciously. But, if you want to have more testimonials, here are some comments from people who did the Reality Bending Secrets quiz:


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