Persona 5 – Standard Edition – PlayStation 4, the king of RPG game. Although Persona 5 did not achieve rapid changes in the system as P3, but it is definitely an excellent example of JRPG. “What is RPG? Persona 5 is the real RPG.”

Most of people think that the quality of picture is the most important factor. Although compared to the first two works on PS2, Persona 5 has make great improve. But there are still many people feel that this picture as a landing PS4 platform game, can only say that not bad.

The most impressive thing about the picture is the UI. On UI, whether in combat, the main menu, or shops, hospitals, weapons houses, shopping, with the button constantly changing picture, can attract people to stay, repeat view for a long time.



The game is very good in detail, for example, the hero will use his hand to handle bangs when thinking, giving a very deep impression of ordinary students. These are really simple, insignificant parts of the game, but we can really feel the game maker’s constant development from these details. Music is one of the important factors of this game, some of them has to reach the acme of perfection.

Excellent system makes this game very playable. The game also has a very very good plot. Persona 5 – Standard Edition – PlayStation 4 is sooooooooo funny, definitely an improvement of the previous games, absolutely worth to buy.


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Persona 5 - Standard Edition - PlayStation 4

Persona 5 – Standard Edition – PlayStation 4