Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, the best one? Game controller is essential equipment for the game player. The Nintendo Switch Controller has some unique features: Nintendo split handle, somatosensory, HD vibration, infrared camera, share the fun of the game… All function perfectly combine with game. But there is a problem, the controller’s feeling is not good. In order to bring the game player more comfortable and long time gaming experience, Nintendo launched Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Many of the players gave a high rating to this controller, and some of them said that its more comfort than Xboxone controller. rating this product 4.5 stars after a period of experience. Is it really so good?

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a little expensive, but the quality of the product is still unquestionable. Compared with other controllers, Nintendo Switch Pro can give you a better life experience, and the NFC read Amiibo is also very convenient, so it is worth the money! The quality of this controller is great too, and I plan to play it at home and on the road. In fact, I also bought this controller too, although the picture looks ugly, but the real product is not so ugly:)

The keys are very soft, feel very close to the skin, not feel stiff, no slip. The plastic sheet on the front of the controller is not of good quality and scratches easily. The Switch Pro Controller is definitely worthy to buy for Switch players.


Where to buy Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?


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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller