I consider that punctuality is one of the values that human beings should improve and conserve. It is terrible to be lost in time. Many people could get benefitted from punctual and responsible agents. Hence, we shall have a very good watch for being always on time, in the right moment. I hate both to wait for people and making others wait for me. If you don’t want these situations happen, you may have an excellent watch. I recommend the watch that I have been using for one year. It is the Movado Museum for men. It has a precise mechanism that never fails. I have been working with it and it has never stopped. Of course I have the habit of taking care of all my stuff.

Its design is very simple and minimalist. I really like it for that. I don’t like watches with lots of features that sometimes may confuse you. I just want to be on time. I just need a precise watch. Its band is really nice and convenient. I haven’t felt bothered by its presence. I tend to wear formal outfit and it matches with all my suits. I have also gone to play tennis with this watch and it fits into the sports outfit too. It is due to the simplicity of the style. Sometimes simplicity is the key for creating a sophisticated masterpiece. It is one of the most important things that I never forget.

Also, its price is really affordable and cheap. I have had many watches of different marks and brands and they never satisfy my expectations about the quality of the watch. I never expected that the simpler watch I never had would help me improve my punctuality. The quality of the material is also another reason for recommending it. I usually use it for really long periods of time. Under any environment no matter if it is cold or really hot and it works continuously and its color continues being the same. I do not have any inconvenient with it.


Talking about its weight. I don’t pay enough attention to it. But, if you are the kind of person who prefers a light watch, you will like it. If your stuff are heavy watches, do not buy it. It is light and really comfortable. I think it is one of the lightest watches I have ever had. I expect that this Movado watch will be with me for many years. I have really enjoyed it. Many people have told me that I’m a simple man. But I do not understand why people want so many features that at the end they are not going to use.

In brief, I can say that I don’t get so satisfied very often when I buy a product, but definitely my Movado has been the exception. No regrets. No complains. Just the precise watch for me. It seems to be the product made specifically for me.


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