I bought this  MICHAEL Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Multifunction Tote handbag and really think it was a good purchase. The leather is too soft and its quality cannot be easily reached. I need it because I started in a job and saw that every woman in the office had very nice handbags. My last handbag was not as good as this. The leather cracked easily and it shredded. The quality of this handbag is really high and I receive compliments from everyone in my office and from my boss. You know that personal appearance is always a necessary detail in a job.


I love the fact that it has different pockets, so I can organize everything inside it. The space inside the handbag is enough for carrying the stuff I usually need. The zip closure is very good. I’ve had other handbags which zip is really terrible and it gets broken quickly. This zip closure is very soft and doesn’t need to be forced for opening or closing it.


What I really advice is not to expose the leather to hot liquids. It is a good leather, but it doesn´t resist a hot temperatures. I had an accident with a really hit coffee that bleed into the surface of my handbag and the leather was kind of melted. Hence, be careful when you treat with hot liquids. Also, it got stained because of the coffee. I wouldn’t say that it is a bad quality brand because of that. It was my mistake and I paid for that. Remember this small detail.

The color of the handbag is really nice and it’s very attractive when you are near it. I think there should be a higher definition photo of the product in the web page because it does not make it justice. It came package and secure. I thought I was going to wait for it for around two weeks, but it arrived in just 2 days. A very good product for a really affordable price.


I also made a very detailed revision of the handbag to check how authentic it was. Definitely, it is a Michael Kors. I examined during two hours the whole handbag and didn’t see traces of an imitation material. I felt quieter once I was sure that the item I had bought was original. Respecting to the weight and size, it is an equilibrated model. I have had heavy ones before and I don’t like them because they tend to tire my shoulder and arms. In the case of light handbags you cannot keep heavy stuff inside it. My Michael Kors handbag is accurate because it is not both heavy and light it is like in the middle and I don’t get tired of using it. I love walking and I have walked with my tote for hours and I don’t feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, other marks always bothered me. If I have to buy it again, I would do it without regret.


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