My review about my Michael Kors Signature Tote. It is very beautiful. I love its color. I have been very happy with this purchase. It is one of the best items that I have bought in Amazon.  It is really brightest and consider that the photo that is on the web page doesn’t reach the visual quality of the product. It is really terrific. I wouldn’t be more satisfied with a tote. Of course, it is a Michael Kors. I had several time wanting to buy an elegant handbag like this. I didn’t imagine that the product would be original. Most of the times that you buy a product on the web, the seller deceives you and send you an imitation product. This is an authentic MK purse, so you can trust in my recommendation.


MICHAEL Michael Kors Signature Tote handbags have 2 model numbers: 30S11TTT4B & B014YZ7LSK. You can choose color. I love it because and can bring my phone in the special interior phone pocket. It has enough space on the inside. And the slip pockets are really accurate, you don’t have any problem when opening it as it happens with other handbags. The quality of the cloth is very reliable and its weight is too precise. If you like light handbags, this is the one you should choose. The handles are adjustable and the leather is very soft and resistant. It’s not the kind of fake leather that starts smelling awfully and cracks. I had a leather tote before from another brand and its leather was really poor. I thought that it definitely was going to be the same problem with my MK handbag.

I have taken it to the beach, to the disco, to the park, to events like weddings, baby showers and so on. It is the kind of tote that fits in wherever you could go. It is the kind of precise and convenient purse that you would carry to any place because it is not heavy and it doesn’t not occupy a large space. It is really good when you have to give long walks or you have to travel every day to some location a little bit away from home.


Another factor that I really like is that it combines with any dress I could wear. I usually tend to lose a lot of time combining my clothes with my other stuff. I don’t have this problem with this handbag.

I just would advise buyers not to put really heavy stuff inside it and not to expose it to hot liquids. If you want to clean it, do it with some transparent liquid that would not stain your tote. Take into account that chemicals have some reactions that are not favorable to clothes and leathers.


I’m sorry if there is any detail I haven’t said. I am very glad with the product. I totally recommend it with my eyes closed. Of course I wouldn’t recommend this handbag for mothers and women that need to store lots of stuff. Just for people who live with the minimal necessary stuff and wants to be fashionable.


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