As soon as I saw it I need it in my life. Its bright red color made me fall in love. Its size matched with me. And I love leathers. The birthday of my sister was near, so I bought two models. One in black and mine in light red.  I certainly needed to buy them. My sister was very excited when I gave it to her. So we took photos of how pretty we were wearing our totes. I loved the fact that the handles are very adjustable, so I could adapt it to my long arms. I give it five stars. The handbag has been very resistant and has endure all the heavy stuff that I have put in it during months. I have had several models that do not resist more than six months and then start deteriorating. We have not complains about our totes quality despite the fact that my sister has endangered her tote lots of times.


I checked it during hours to see if it was totally original and it is completely authentic. It is not an imitation of a Selma Satchel. What I would recommend is to clean it with a wet cloth if you have any accident. My sister had an accident with tomato sauce and she didn’t clean the stain immediately; hence, the tomato sauce was removed with warm water but it weakened the leather part where the tomato sauce fell. If you take care of it, it will last. My handbag is neither cracked nor scratched. Of course, I do not have children as my sister does. My nephews and nieces have scratched my sister’s handbag in some areas. I’m certainly the kind of person that cares of the stuff. I know I will have a longer time with my tote. It has not lost the shape and has kept firm.

Some people have told me that my handbag is insipid, but I have told them that it is a classic and simple design. Hence, if you are looking for a more creative design with different kind of symbols, etc, you must not look for this handbag. This is the kind of tote that I would give to a grandmother or a mother in law. It is classic and elegant. I have used it to carry my laptop to schools and even a small video beam could enter inside it. I am a teacher and need to bring this kind of stuff most of the time. I would advise that if you are going to store heavy stuff in your handbag, you must do it with a uniform organization and equilibrium of the weight. If the weight is not balance inside it, one of the handles could be ripped. On the contrary, if both handles receive the same amount of stuff, they endure the weight and do not get ripped. Another factor is to clean its leathers with grease because it helps them to hydrate the surface and it does not crack. However, I have done that only with other handbags.


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