I have been very glad with Michael Kors Womens Jet Set Crossbody Leather Bag, Large. I bought it as a gift to my thirteen years old daughter. I’m really satisfied of how she has enjoyed this leather bag. I think it was the most accurate choice I could have taken. When she saw it, she almost cried with the emotion because it is her very first bag. I am very pleased with the quality of the color of this item. It’s as colorful as in the photo and its shape is really hard. It is not like other handbags that tend to lose the shape soon. It was the first time that I bought a Michael Kors product. I really love it and I think I’ll buy a handbag for me. Definitely, a good bag for teenagers since they need to have their own stuff organized. The Crossbody trap is very comfortable too. I’ve seen these horrible Crossbody traps that tend to be rustic and pressure your chest. It doesn’t happen with these model. My daughter really loves it.


Currently, I have seen many mothers that do not teach their daughters how to look as an elegant lady. I know that today many families don’t consider it as important as other generations do, but for me classic style will never pass away. It doesn’t matter what new trends will come in the future. I’ll show my daughter how she may look in a decent manner.

It is real high quality leather, not an imitation product. I remember that I had a leather handbag once and it was disgusting that the leather cracked soon and the clothes were ripped out quickly. Then a friend advised me to spread grease on the leather surfaces of my leather handbags because it helps the leather not to resect. However, the quality of this leather bag was so good that we haven’t done that process with the grease. It has the right size and the fact that it is adjustable has helped my daughter who is still growing. Probably in the future I’ll give her a larger handbag.


My daughter has been using it for the last year and she has really like it. I remember when she was very small and she wore my clothes when I was not at home. She always wanted her own bag. What I would recommend is not to put several stuff inside it. Use it for light activities that do not require heavy stuff, such as heavy books. You may carry some notebooks. Even a small laptop as my daughter does. In addition, you could bring your lunch box inside it with no problem. Afterwards, it has to be a small one.

In brief, we really feel glad about the Michael Kors leather bag. I know that you may like it. You want regret because it is a really high quality product. The authenticity is guaranteed. The purchase is also very affordable and you don’t have to wait for the bag for several time.


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