I had many totes and start thinking that I really needed a wallet. Sometimes I want to go to parties or other events where I don’t need to carry lots of things and I’ve had the problem to carry few things. For example, it’s too disgusting to carry a handbag wherever you could go and you only need makeup and your cards. I started to look online and as soon as I found Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Continental Wallet, I knew it had to be mine. I really liked the color and the fact that it was leather made. It arrived very soon. I just have to wait for it two days. It is not an imitation. It’s an original Michael Kors wallet.  I had no trouble with the purchase and I think the quality is really good.


Also, I bought it because I have three Michael Kors totes and they are really well crafted. This wallet is definitely resistant. I have had like seven accidents with liquids and its color continues being the same, of course I purchased the black one. I love going to discos and sometimes I dance with it on my hands and I trip on with people who has dropped liquors in my wallet accidentally. I thought it was going to lose its color and shape but it stayed as it originally came.

As my other Michael Kors totes, this wallet has a really good zip closure. I really feel angry with those zips that are really hard to close or open and they finally rip out the clothes of your handbag. Michael Kors handbags and wallets are really accurate because you don’t need to force the zip, it is really easy to open. Also, I love the zip closure because it assures that your cards don’t fall or anything.


Since it has an accordion design you can bring the necessary stuff on it. It endures a big amount of things. Even a very small notebook fits on it. It has several pockets for your cards with enough space. Also, my phone fits on it. I have seen these wallets that do not have plenty space inside it and they are really hard to use because you have to force the pockets to fit a card on it. My Michael Kors Wallet is wide and I don’t have to struggle.


Its Saffiano leather is very soft and comfortable. I sometimes have it inside my handbags and purses. Its size is not outlandish, so you don’t feel bothered if you have in your hands for several periods of time.

I really feel satisfaction. I would buy another one for completing my Michael Kors collection. I find his stuff very fashionable, elegant and well crafted. A really good combination.  I really recommend it for business women that have to do several transactions and need a large amount of their business stuff with them. You won’t regret. I give five stars to the wallet.


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