I didn’t like this Michael Kors Women’s Bedford Top Zip Pocket Tote handbag. No! I absolutely loved it! It’s a very comfortable design and its quality is unreachable. When I got it, I could avoid the temptation to star using it the same night. My handbag has received many complements. It’s a very well-crafted model. The interior pockets are wide and the space inside it is well distributed. My handbag is very resistant. I use it for going to school. I carry boos on it and that kind of stuff. Other totes just don’t resist too much weight and they start being ripped.


The cloth quality is very good. I bought it because a friend had it and I wanted a similar model. I’ve seen that Michael Kors produces other kind of bags, so I would probably buy a wallet and another handbag. I love this because it fits with classic formal events and I can take it to picnics with friends.

I advise you not to expose it to intense color liquids such as wine or blackberry juice Jajajaja. I went to a party with my boyfriend —he is very clumsy — and he accidentally dropped a cup of wine in my tote. I hated that moment. I had to clean it quickly. At least leather is not absorbent, and it only got a little stain. So if some liquid falls in your tote try to remove it immediately.


I think I got it for a very good price, almost a bargain. Its quality if really well worth. I love the fact that I can put different things in every pocket; for example, I can put my phone in one of the pockets, small wallet and my sunglasses, in the remaining pockets. So I don’t have a disorder inside my purse. I really love it. Sorry, I have to emphasize it.


Another accurate fact that I have loved about it is that the leather smells so good despite the fact that I have been using the tote for a long time. Most of the handbag from other brands tend to acquire a really disgusting scent. I don’t know if it is humidity or exposition to rain that attracts that scent in the handbags. Yet, as I said my Michael Kors handbag continues having the same elegant new aroma that it had when I bought it. Definitely, it is an exception in my experience with this stuff.

If you consider its price, the quality of the leather, and the four outside pockets that are the most important details of the handbag, you surely would like to buy it. There are other brands on the web. Some of them are more expensive than this. However, the reputation and the price sometimes are not a warranty of a good product, some brands are sometimes just a name. It has been the best handbag I have had. I really recommend to purchase it. As I said before, I didn’t like it. I absolutely love it.


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