First, I imagined that Michael Kors Mk Jet Set Signature Shoulder Bag (model number: 30S7GTTT7B) was an imitation bag. I was not totally convinced because the price was very low for a real Michael Kors bag. I didn’t know a lot about this kind of stuff, but I needed to buy one for my ex-girlfriend.  However, I took the risk and waited to see the bag. I followed the advice of my sister who considered that my ex-girlfriend would like it. It has a really nice quality. It is a very reliable product. My sister examined it and she could tell that it was not an imitation bag but a real Michael Kors. My sister also wanted it. I am very regretful because I could’ve bought a really nice handbag for her. But at that time I didn’t consider it so necessary, so I just bought one. I already purchased one for my sister and it arrived this morning. I’m going to give it to her in the evening. I’m totally sure she will be very glad. Despite the fact it is not a totally expensive brand, you can find a really high product for a very affordable price.


During the time I was with my ex-girlfriend, she never complained about the bag. She always liked its design, material, model and color. I was very angry when I knew she threw it in a wastebasket when we broke up. It was a very comfortable, well-crafted bag that didn’t deserve such a treatment. I’m sure many girls would like to have a Michael Kors like that. However, as I said during the time we were together she always thanked me about the bag. She could put her smartphone in the outside pocket and carry all her stuff inside it without problem. You know that women always have a terrible amount of stuff inside their purses and it is very difficult to know what is inside. This MK purse is definitely wide and it accomplishes the dream of every girl.

I really expect that my sister cares more about this handbag than my ex did. I bought a different color model just to avoid comparison between the previous and this. Last time it was simple blue one. This time I bought a gray one with the MK letters printed in all the surface. I think it is a classic but more creative version. I really find it fashionable. I like girls who use this kind of stuff, they look so interesting and formal.


The only fact that I didn’t like is that it doesn’t come with the dust bag. It is a minimal detail but I would have liked to have it just for protecting it. I don’t have any other comment about the purse. I just advice you to buy it and gift it to someone really special in your life. It is the kind of present that your mother, sister, girlfriend and wife would want to receive from you in any special date.


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