It was my anniversary celebration with my wife. She was upset with me because I spent some money in a really disgusting watch and then I bought another Bulova watch. My wife thinks that I waste my money in unnecessary stuff. So, I decided to buy this beautiful handbag to see if she could forgive me. I selected the peacock one because that is her favorite color. As soon as she saw it she jumped over me. I took her to a really elegant restaurant, and she forgot my last mischief.


I don’t know a lot about handbags. But I can tell how happy my wife has been since I gave it to her. According to her, the leather has a really good quality and it smells nice. She has told me that sometimes if the quality of the leather is poor, it starts smelling awfully. It has kept the same original scent. So, I’m happy my inversion is not lost.


My wife loves the internal design and the fact that it has several pockets. You know that the interior of a woman’s handbag is always a terrible mess that men would never comprehend.

At the beginning I was scared of the size of the handbag because there could be trouble. For example, if it had been so big, she could’ve felt that I was trying to say she was fat. If it had been too small then it could have been useless. However, nothing of that happen and the size of the beautiful handbag was the one of the description. Sometimes we buy some items and the description of the product is false. I liked this handbag because it fitted totally in the description.


There is just an advice that I give to the customers. Do not put heavy stuff inside the handbag. It is true that it is a good model and that its quality is really high; however, it is not made to put heavy stuff inside it. For example, my daughter used it once for taking it to school. She put many books inside it, and once she wore it, we heard the sound of one of the handles ripped. Nothing happened but she carry two of her books in hands.


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