I have got a Michael Kors Fulton Large Leather Shoulder Bag (model number: 30H3GFTE3L). What I liked the most about this bag were the three main pockets. I feel that I have so enough space for putting my stuff inside it. It is a very good bag that helps you organize different things easily.  Its deep black color is very bright and elegant. I certainly love this color. I feel really convinced when I had it on my hands.  It also has a pocket for my smartphone what I find very accurate because I don’t have to put it with the other stuff. I hate when I don’t find my phone and it is ringing. I hasn’t happened anymore due to these convenient pocket.


Many friends and relatives often tell me that I look very sophisticated when I have this bag with me. It is because the black leather really shines. A shiny leather represent always an elegant detail that calls the attention of the people. It is my favorite handbag when I go to formal events. It fits with elegance and high category.

I normally used bigger handbags and purses. I have others Michael Kors, but as soon as I looked at this model, I couldn’t resist it. It had to be mine. The purchase was very good. I didn’t have any problem with the tote. It is totally authentic. I didn’t find any trace of imitation. Some people have told me that this is an expensive brand. I don’t find it expensive. On the contrary, I think that the product of this brand is really good for a very low price. Nonetheless, if it were expensive I would buy it with no problem. There’s nothing on earth that could be cheap and well worth at the same time. If you want a good product, you should do an investment. I’m sure I will never regret of buying this bag. On the contrary, I will always feel proud of my purchase as I am now.


Fashionable women who likes going to parties and enjoying the night would love it. It is the kind of bag that you would carry to a disco, or a cinema. It is very attractive in nocturnal sites.


I have a friend that bought a similar model from the same brand. She washed the bag in the washing machine and the leather started to smell awfully. So, I would recommend you not to watch it because of that.

It continues having the same perfume. It tells the quality of the material and its durability. This brand is very reliable and has never let me down. Michael Kors bags are definitely made for me. It is totally perfect. No doubts about it. I’ll buy another one as soon as I have the chance to do it.


In brief, I should say that if you have the chance to gift it to your mother, girlfriend or wife, you will be taking the best of the choices. This is a special one that I suggest for people who like ostentatious designs. You won’t regret.


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