Is Anik Singal’s Lurn Summit scam? We will do a deep analysis of this program for you. Read our honest Lurn Summit Reviews before you paying for


lurnsummit.comWhat is Lurn Summit? It is a website that is supposedly based on helping you create a digital business through a conference that will last 2 days. Well, so far everything is going well; however, what is the data that intrigues us? Well, according to its official website, Lurn Summit will only charge you 1 dollar, yes, just as you are reading, only 1 dollar for giving you a brief course. It seems something difficult to believe, and even illogical, so throughout the article we will describe this company, highlighting its main features, its pros and cons, and most importantly, what we want to know is, the truth about this incredible online offer.


Sure you will ask yourself 4 main things, what is the modality of the course? Why 1 dollar only? Who are the teachers and speakers? And what will I learn from this conference? Let’s keep reading and let’s answer one by one, and make sure you come to a reasonable and empirical conclusion. First we will answer all the questions according to the information that we observe in its official website, and here we have them:


What is the modality of the course? The summit will last two consecutive days, with a total of 16 hours, that is, 8 hours each day. Its modality will be virtual and will have a group of professionals, which we will review below. The company’s mission, in its own words, is to be a transformational home for businessman, to serve as the birthplace of many entrepreneurs. This 16-hour training on digital business has a relatively good popularity, because although there are testimonies that support its apparently favorable condition towards the customer, its offer remains an enigma, since there is not much information about such a course on the web, and in turn, there is only text, there are no reliable illustrations of their results.


Why 1 dollar only?


According to the arguments of the company, the reasons why the summit only costs $ 1 are the following:


Due to the fact that the course is virtual, the summit does not merit protocol expenses, therefore, it is not necessary to pay for hotel, travel, food and so on, so everything can be from home, with only 8 hours in front of the computer.


Since the payment is only $ 1, anyone with this tiny capital can access, undermining the excuses of not progressing and learning for lack of money to invest. Here at least, according to the website, you will have a too small investment compared to the wise benefits you will learn in the area of ​​digital commerce.


The company wants to grow all over the world, so that, with such small prices, its offer could become easily identifiable, thus attracting the students of the world and making them entrepreneurs.


It does not pose a risk, as the company tells us, because according to this, you can feel safe paying that small amount of money, and not courses that cost up to hundreds of dollars, which, unlike this course sounds terrifying, but in my opinion sounds more secure.
Lurn Summit


Who are the teachers and speakers?


The speakers presented by the company are people who started from scratch, and by acquiring knowledge and good business, today they enjoy hundreds of millions of dollars.


The summit host and CEO of Lurn is Anik Singal and is considered by the website as one of the most successful digital marketers today. BusinessWeek placed him in the top 3 of Americans with more capital under 25 years of age, with a fortune of about $ 120 million; without a doubt, an extremely large amount.


The list of teachers and other positions in the company are as follows:


Keynote speakers: Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Kevin Strawbrigde, Mick Wiskerchen y Jimmy Kim.
Academic Teachers: Jeremmy Belloti, Dave Lovelace, Andrew Lantz, Zane Baker y Jessica Boisvenue.


What could you learn from it?


The pensum that gives us its official page is the following one:

    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Digital Products
    • Power Niche Selection
    • First sale
    • Construction of the 5-step list
    • 20 minutes challenge
    • Facebook Mastery
    • Ads & Email Media only
    • Killer Copy & Conversions
    • Write emails
    • Creating autoresponders
    • Tools and resources and business
    • Passive Income Scale


Let’s look a bit at the feasible probabilities: There are 10 figures trained to give a brief class in 16 hours. According to the calculation we can draw, each speaker or teacher should speak for about an hour and a half. If we know that each speaker is a magnate and millionaire, who can offer a real and unique experience, we can consider that they could charge about $ 25 each per paper. They would have to register about 250 students, a figure that can easily be reached with the offer issued. We must remember that there is no limit to an online course, this if of course we have an optimized platform.


If 2500 were enrolled worldwide in the course, 2500 dollars would be the gain, so that you could easily pay the teachers and speakers, keep the page clean and optimized, and also make a profit. So, if it is feasible; however, we will review what some customers who tried or who presented this course say… $10 Coupon

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