LEGO Worlds – PlayStation 4 released on March 7, 2017. This is an amazing game Lego has bestowed upon us. The whole world is made up of Lego. Naturally, buildings, not only trees, sea, clouds, and other natural things are made up of Lego, and reproduced in reality the color and luster of Lego toys. The player is also made up of Lego, and the game characters can be customized.

You can play online with 2 people. 2 people can play together not only in the network communication. Even in offline mode, 2 people can experience it together. You can play hide and seek with friends, shooting, etc.
Has a wealth of vehicles

There are many kinds of vehicles in the game:cars, motorcycles, skateboards, jets and submarines. You can drive these vehicles with friends. In addition, you can ride animals in the scene. Players can ride horses on the ground or ride an eagle in the sky. There is also a legend that dragons will appear in the game.

In this Lego world, there is a lot of ecology, such as grasslands, ice and snow, volcanoes, etc.. There are also differences animals according to the region of players. Players can play in a variety of environments, including exploring the sea. For example, by boat, the discovery of the new world, diving and fish frolic.

Imagination creates infinite possibilities. You can stand on the clouds and build your kingdom on the clouds.

LEGO Worlds – PlayStation 4 is different from the regular games, but is totally awesome in that you can build anything, just like minecraft.

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