How happy I am with my Kate spade New York Cedar Street handbag. I have several handbags, but i really needed something different. Most of my totes are very big and some of them are often very heavy. I needed something lighter, chick, and smaller. A handbag to carry just the necessary stuff for a picnic or to go to a party. When I found this beautiful model online, I decided to purchase it. It was everything I was looking for. Because of the color, size, and design. It had the exact shape I was thinking of. When it arrived home— I just waited around three days — I could see that its quality was very good and the product seemed to be very resistant. I loved the fact that at least it was totally protected by wrapping paper, and that the product was not opened before.  I was totally sure about the security of m purchase. It was really the first time that I saw this brand. However, I am pleased with the purchase. I think it is as good as other more expensive brands. Sometimes these brands that are not so common have a definitely good product for us.


I’m a thin and tall girl. So, an old friend told me that I would look better with a smaller tote. Since she told me that I felt myself convinced to look for a new handbag. I think the most important factor about this one is the softness of the leather. It has been very resistant to sun exposition. It has always happened to me that my leather bags always become rough because I love walking under in the afternoons when the sun is hotter. This leather bag hasn’t become rough. The zip closure is very easy to open. It slides easily, you don’t have to force it.

The only fact that I didn’t like enough was there were not many pockets, but it is obviously a small bag. Sometimes I asked for impossible things. Another thing that I would like to see is a 2 per 1 bid. I would buy them immediately if there were an offer like that on Amazon. I would give them as a gift to my aunts. They have always given me good compliments about the handbag. I think they will be very pleased if I buy them these handbags.


It is a simple design, but it is all what you need when you want to go with some friends to eat an ice cream on a Saturday afternoon. You can be convinced that I have really liked it. I absolutely recommend it for everyday use if you don’t have to carry lots of things on it. It is a classy, it means the kind of bag you sometimes use as a protocol. Don’t use it to carry heavy books and that kind of things. It is a good gift to the women of your family if they want to be fashionable. They will be proud of having one.


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