I am a fan of watches. I have used different types of watches. However, classic watches are my business. I want to share my experience with Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver Gold Stainless Steel Two-Tone Automatic Watch. It is an automatic watch with a marvelous design for people who like classic style.

People who like modest but not less ostentatious models would love its gold plated rich color and shiny stainless steel case. This watch has the precise weight. It is neither heavy nor too light. As its name says, it is a diver watch so you don’t have to worry if it fell in the water or if you require to do some activity that wets it. I have taken a shower with it — in spite that I shouldn’t—and it keeps working.

I consider that the design of this pro diver is very similar to a Rolex. The Arabic numerals and the style of the markers as well as the bezel provide the watch with the appearance of a Rolex. However, the logo of Invicta is too visible for confusing it with a Rolex.

It is hard to open this watch. Its design is too strong for protecting it from falls and accidents. Mine fell from a window and only got a very little almost invisible scratch.

I often go to business meetings, family reunions and formal parties and always have it with me because it matches with a serious occasion. It is not the kind of watch that makes you look as a kid. You can be sure your clients or partners will look at your watch and feel attracted by its design.

Its durability is another detail that I have enjoyed for a long time. I bought it 8 months ago, and it hasn’t lost its color and brightness. I would say also that it could fit with a woman wrist. It is not heavy and does not seem to be exclusive for men. It is not difficult to combine your clothes with the color of the watch. I can wear a black smoking or a blue suit with it and it always combines. Its color is too accurate. You could be a teacher or a tennis player and it would fit into with the environment of your profession.

The bracelet of the watch is changeable. So, in case your bracelet is broken you can replace it by another. I haven’t had to wind it several times.

However, I do not recommend it for people that does not like the classic style. It is not a watch with lots of functions as current watches do. You will not find digital features on it or a sophisticated digital resources. It is a traditional precise watch.

In short, if what you like is a traditional design, formal, strong that makes you look invincible, you must buy this Invicta Watch. It is not too expensive and it lasts if you care of it. You would like to have it in your wrist. I spent a lot of time and effort to search great sellers of Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver Gold Stainless Steel Two-Tone Automatic Watch. All of them have quality assurance and customer satisfaction guarantee.


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