I bought this beautiful and light watch like six months ago because I needed a device for helping me to check if I was doing my workout as I should. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch has provided me with real support. Before having it, I always had irregular workout sessions. I am the kind of person that needs someone´s motivation, but I exercise alone. I have been more regular since I have been using it. I have been able to maximize my workout sessions.

I used to run just 25 minutes a day and sometimes less. A friend recommended me to buy this watch because it eases the monitoring of a routine. Now I run around 45 minutes every day and my health is better. It is nice because I synchronize it with my smartphone and it reminds me do my daily workout routine. It is the motivation I needed. I love the fact that it is not the kind of heavy and huge watch that overwhelms your wrist. I find it precise and comfortable to use it every day. I do not get my hand tired when I run or when I ride my bike. I’m sure I will have reached the level I want soon.

At the beginning I didn’t know that this watch could monitor my sleep hours. I am a fan of movies and series and I tend to stay up late. I started to use it to monitor my sleep hours and sometimes I only slept 5 o 4 hours. So, I started to be more discipline since it always reminds me to go to bed early. I have improved the appearance of my face. Now, I do not look so tired in the mornings. Now I just watched two chapters of a series or a movie and my Fitbit blaze reminds me my task.

I have stopped consuming so many calories too. When I watched movies, I usually ate sausages and potato chips. Now, I am more concerned about not eating so much these products since my Fitblaze tells me how many calories I have consumed.

I really recommend this watch for fitness people. More than all if you are the kind of person that has a strict schedule and needs support when training. It has helped me a lot. First, because it is clear to see it with daylight. I usually train under the light of the sun and it is disgusting that sometimes you cannot see your device. This does not happen with this watch. It adjusts its light of the environment automatically. Other facts that I have really loved are that it charges quickly and its battery lasts during all my routine, so I have never seen that it stops working while I do my routine.

Finally, I recommend to use it above the level your wrist bone because it monitors your pulsations better. You do not need to tight it a lot. Well, this is my short but wonderful experience, I have got very benefitted with it.

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