Diesel DZ7333 Mr Daddy 2.0 WatchDiesel Watches Mr Daddy 2.0 Stainless Steel Watch – the sturdy product and nice package transform it into a decent gift, sure everybody will love it. After opening, I had been shocked, excellent while not arrive in time, having said that i am really content with the standard. Furthermore, i received it earlier than that which was the expected delivery. I wear this watch every single day and get lots of compliments into it. Diesel DZ7333 is good and really sturdy. I like the style of  the watch, everything is ideal. It is big and impressive.

Diesel launched Diesel Watches Mr Daddy 2.0 Stainless Steel Watch in 2011. Excellent Analog quartz movement. .The wrist strap comes is a 27 mm Stainless steel strap. This Round watch measures 5.7 centimeters wide and 15 mm thick and it’s made from Stainless steel. You’ll get Diesel DZ7333 Reviews, Rating, Style information and Price at this post.


Diesel DZ7333 Features:


Analog quartz movement,

Gold Stainless steel strap,

Black Stainless steel case,

Luminous, measures-seconds

Water resistant to 30m (100ft)

It weighs 8.48 oz.


Conclusion: Personally, Diesel DZ7333 Mr Daddy 2.0 Watch is certainly a worth buying watch. The appearance of this watch is very characteristic and full of personality. People who like this style will feel beautiful, and people who don’t like it will feel very disgusted. I liked the shape of this watch and fell in love with it at first sight. The price of this watch has been steady, and that means you won’t worry about the sharp reduction in price after your purchase.Most of the clients give very good reviews to the watch. Lots of individuals say it is a watch that looks good and comfortable to wear. The movement, the heart of a watch, is also the most crucial measure of the quality of a watch. The watch uses Analog quartz movement, very durable and powerful.Diesel DZ7333 is superb in the user feedback and price. Strong features, reasonable prices, and delightful designs make it so well received.


Diesel DZ7333 has its disadvantages too. The watch has bad water-proof performance. in general, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming.


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Diesel DZ7333 Price:


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