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Our mind is a universe, unlimited, but with limitations of our own, that we put. We remember most of our life, but our childhood, our stage of fetuses or babies, that stage we do not remember, it escapes us between small pockets of memories. Many times we do not know who we are, what we want, what we should do, and some just settle for living and trying to decide for themselves, while others want to go further and really know, why are we like this? And for what purpose in life?


What is Individualogist?


Individualogist is an online quiz that offers you a total of 10 multiple-choice questions, which are not like common identification tests, because in other tests, the questions are merely every day, while in this, the questions lead you to think things that perhaps you never questioned, being a quiz that tries to explore us in depth, philosophical and psychological, or at least that can appreciate through the types of questions. If you want to know what they are and you are interested here I leave to you questionnaire and I continue with my analysis about this test, will your result be true. What is an archetype? Could we base our personality on the analysis we get from the test? Well, you will not only have the subjective answer of all these questions, because, we will also give you several testimonials about people who tried this quiz.


The page offers the following message in the header: “Unravel the Mysteries of Your True Self by Taking this 60-Second Quiz”. The questions are as follows:

What’s your marital status?
When it comes to teamwork, you are the one who:
What do you believe is the greatest thing you could achieve in this lifetime?
When you read a book or watch a film, you want it to be:
If you wanted to change the world, you would focus on:
Which of the following gives you the greatest sense of fulfillment?
Which of the following options resembles your greatest weakness?
Which are you the most afraid of?
What about your relationships? What matters to you the most when you’re in a relationship?
Select the quote that most accurately resembles your outlook on life.


As you can see, some questions are profound, and we are exacerbated to think, something that I observe as positive of this quiz. After completing the test, the page asks you for the name and email, account to which you will receive an email with the results of your main archetype.


However, the website will also be redirected, taking us to another part of it, where we will see a video of a girl talking about the archetypes and below, the report about our result, which will have as a main pillar the signage of our main archetype and, of course, a vision about us. But, you will surely ask yourself, what’s an archetype?


Who is Carl Gustav Jung?


Carl Gustav Jung was a very influential psychoanalyst. From the ideas of Sigmund Freud, he came to define a concept that told us about the influence of ancestral phenomena that affect the individual through cultures and societies and lead him to have a certain way of being. This is known as archetype.


There are altogether 12 archetypes, which are: the Innocent, the Human Current, the Explorer, the Wise, the Hero, the Outlaw, the Mage, the Lover, the Jester, the Caretaker, the Creator and the Ruler. There has also been talk of another archetype, invented recently, the number 13, Villano, proposed by Branzai.


So we already know that archetypes are models of people through the ancestral, cultural and social influences they have had since childhood. The 12 archetypes live within each person, but there will always be one dominant, which will mark our personality. You will be asked to get a digital book named “Deluxe Archetype Report” after you finish the quiz.


What is Deluxe Archetype Report?


Let’s see how the official website introduced this book: analyse your archetype in excruciating detail and provide you with over 200 pages of highly specific, accurate, and revealing information that’s guaranteed to bring you all the wealth, health, love, and happiness! You’ll attain a profound understanding of your purpose in life, your personality, and direction! You’ll be taken on a journey through your past, present and future! You’ll even get precise readings on your shadow, your anima/animus, and your ego!


But then, does Deluxe Archetype Report really work? Well the data it collects are very good for being able to issue an analysis. According to what I have deduced and verified, there is an analysis for each archetype, so, just add your name to think that they address you only, but it is not. They only talk about your archetype, but personalizing the article.


The characteristics that he exalts from you are quite grandiose and sublime, so it may be a simple quiz to motivate us. We should undergo a psychological analysis to know what archetype we are in reality, is the conclusion I could bring; however, here we are going to offer you some comments from people who also tried the Deluxe Archetype Report. The following comments area is what these witnesses think: Coupon


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