Bulova Marine Star Strap Watch is the best watch ever. I seriously love all Bulova designs for watches. They are high level watches with a really elegant and fashionable design. Before buying this beautiful Marine Star, I had a Bulova Diamond. I really recommend both. But I’m going to focus in the Marine Star. If you are looking for a high quality watch with a comfortable band and a classic design, you should get it. Bulova watches always give you a gentlemen aura.


The hours written in roman numbers. Its color is very intense. I have been using these watch for around 2 years and it has not lost its original color. Its case is too solid and the crystal is polished. You do not have to strive your eyes to see it. If you are in a dark place, you will be able to look at your watch because the hands and the rose tone are luminous.


When it came to me, I thought immediately that the quality of the image at amazon was not as good as the product itself. I really found it cheap. It is one of the best watches I’ve ever hand. It is a little bit heavy that is the only detail that I find it. However, it would depend of the size of your wrist. If your wrist is kind of strong you won’t have any trouble with the watch weight.


Personally, I use digital watches more often than Analog models. Yet this beautiful watch has convinced me that definitely classic and elegant watches help you create a better image in certain environment. You could use this model wherever you want. But it would be weird to see you wearing a sport watch with a suit or in a meeting with some entrepreneurs.


I have received very good comments about my watch as well as I received them with my other Bulova Diamond. I have taken into account its precision and the quality of the mechanism. I have used other watches that are described as “waterproof” and they don’t work after several showers. It hasn’t happened with my Bulova Marine. I have swum many times both in beaches and pools and it continues working.


If you are thinking to give a present to your husband, boyfriend, father, or whoever, you may consider this accurate watch. It is a really good choice. I would consider also to gift it to women. Its design is not outlandish and too big. So, some women could use it without any problem.


Bulova designs are always very resistant.  My last Bulova received an impact while I was driving once and had to stop suddenly. It didn’t get a scratch. It hasn’t happened the same with this model that is as sophisticated as the Bulova Diamond. I have taken care of it more than the other watches I have had.

I have given you my advice. There are other models on the web, but my Bulova has been the best option for me.


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