When I saw this beautiful and elegant watch I couldn’t avoid the temptation of buying it. Its design caught me once I saw it. This Bulova watch was like love at first sight. I really enjoyed its design. When I had it at home noticed that it was as black as in the image. I wanted it because I am a fan of Fast and Furious and its model resembles a car. The only problem is that I didn’t read the description properly and went to the beach to swim with it and then it started failing. However, it is my fault since I didn’t read well. It lasted with me for a whole year working with no problem.


I find it cheaper and better than other watches. Its elegant design is accurate for formal meetings, weddings, conferences, and other formal events. I loved it because it looks like a luxury watch. I have imagined myself inside the watch as if I were an ant, and I see a really good design that seems to be the inside of a car. I loved the hours adorned like diamonds. Many people had asked me when I went to discos, if it was a real diamond watch. I think that if I hadn’t said that it was not a diamond watch, they would have believed it.


During the time I used it I never felt uncomfortable by its weight. I definitely found it very light and comfortable. The band was too accurate. I would recommend to give this watch as a gift to serious solemn people who like black aesthetics. It is the kind of watch that elegant, shy and formal users look for. If I received this watch, I could cry with the emotion. I received many compliments during my experience with it due to its color and design.


However, there is a small detail that I would say. If you are going to use it, try to wash your hands before. Avoid exposing it to liquids that could stain it or exposing it to sweat. If you feel you are sweating a lot, take it off and clean it. If not, the watch could lose its color. If you care it, it would last a longer time than mine.

In short, I loved this watch and enjoyed it for the year I used it. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t buy it again. I never buy an item two times. I prefer to change the stuff I buy. I really recommend it to you if you really like elegance and tend to visit nocturnal places. In environments like discos, cinema, theaters and so on, this watch helps you fit and gives you the appearance of a real luxury fan. I would have liked to have it for a longer time, but it happens to me because I was lazy and didn’t read the description of the product properly before I bought it. So, remember not to go under water with it! It is not a watch for swimmers!


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