I will tell you the truth as I come to my eyes in one word describing this grandiose watch: Elegance. I currently have one of these, and I have never had a complaint about its operation and the grandiose elegance that the watch provides: It is a watch that can behave both for daily use and for special occasions, but its true reason for existence comes in Those important moments when you have a meeting and you need an extra touch to your business suit.


Let’s start with its colors, we can find it in two types: First is the one that I possess that is brown chocolate tone combined with the bright color of stainless steel, a real jewel when decorating and giving that last touch, all valued by the back seal Bulova, and with a hard strap of pure leather (not an imitation) providing a durability as great as its elegance.

The second color, I’m about to get it (I will not deny it, I love this watch and I would like to have it in both versions). I would say that its second version is designed more for meetings than for casual postage: A powerful golden combined with the same chocolate brown color, that when comparing shades ends up giving a more serious tone: Ideal for business meetings or when you are going to see with That person who could give a change to your life.


My experiences with this watch? I just have something to say and it’s: Awesome. Every time I have used it has provided me with everything I need and is the real reason why I look forward to purchasing this same in additional color. As for rust, not a single brand: I have had other Bulova watches and although they are of an excellent quality I had always been careful to avoid washing my hands with them since they are a delicate piece, this watch instead has a stainless steel cover, And as long as I do not completely immerse it in water (as has happened with others in its time), it will continue to work perfectly and maintain its quality


Now, you ask me the reasons why I should buy this watch? Let’s be completely honest: First is its cost. It is an extremely elegant watch with a cost economically inexpensive for its durability, quality and elegance. Second, durability, it is not a watch that will be damaged automatically, and although it asks for certain care, it is nothing special. With proper care can last for years.

Finally, there are the last two reasons: The materials of which it is made, and the design. Among the materials is the pure leather in its band, giving the elegance and comfort in the watch. This material does not make it very heavy and does not leave marks or stains on the skin as can brass or plastic. It gives a secure grip and allows you to carry it without problem. Second, stainless steel with its water-resistant technology. You can even wash your hands with this watch and it does not present a problem.


And the last feature is obviously the property of self-winding. You will not need to be doing the tedious work of many other models to wind up the clock so that it continues to work: all you need to do is wear it.


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