I have really enjoyed this sunglasses. I bought the brown ones first. They are so light that I tend to forget I’m wearing them. They are so cool and match with any situation. It does not matter if I’m going to some business meeting or to the beach, they are so fashionable. ATTCL sunglasses also make me look as an interesting good looking man.

I really need polarized sunglasses and I have used many before because I usually go fishing and canoeing. These have been the best ones because I don’t feel the intense reflex of the light. It is really disgusting to be fishing and to be dazzled by the light of the sun in the water. Since I have used this glasses that sensation has been lower. Of course, I can´t use them during the night because everything becomes too dark with them. These are the perfect sunglasses for people that is really exposed to lightning.  I wouldn’t recommend them for people that live in cloudy areas. You know that some people just want to be “fashionable”, but these lenses are more than that.

I like them because you can run or release other activities that require different movements and they stand in the same position. In spite of the fact that they are too light, they are made with a resistant material that helps them keep in your head. Also because of its rubber, it gives them stability. I sweat a lot and all the sunglasses I have had lost their color, and it has not happened with these ones yet.

They came with a case. That’s another factor that I have consider accurate. The case really protects the lenses. Once the case fell from a window­­—I live in a fourth floor— and I thought that my sunglasses were definitely going to break down. I went downstairs and the case got just a scratch that is not very notorious. The lenses were as they were before.

Also their price is not so expensive. I have bought like 5 expensive sunglasses and I do not know how but they are less resistant than these ones. These sunglasses were very affordable. I bought a pair of these sunglasses for my father when he started to fish with me again. He has really enjoyed these model. He is a little bit photophobic and these model have cover his needs. He always has them with him.

I have really enjoyed sunny days with them. I don’t get bothered because of the sunshine. When cycling or driving they present an excellent support. The nose pads could be a little bit improved, but it is just a tiny detail.

In short, these glasses are amazing. I really recommend them. Because of its accurate price, durability, weight, and the most important fact that they are truly polarized. You can be sure that they are not going to lose your money. They came with a piece of white cardboard for proving you have bought polarized lenses. I can’t complain about the quality of the product I have bought. I spent a lot of time and effort to search great sellers of ATTCL Men’s HOT Fashion Driving Polarized Sunglasses for Men Al-Mg Metal Frame Ultra Light. All of them have quality assurance and customer satisfaction guarantee.


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