If you love  the series and movies then Amazon Fire TV is your best option to see them from anywhere in the world. Amazon Fire TV connects HD TV to one of the best programming and entertainment online. Through this channel 300,000 films and television programs are transmitted. The device allows the series and movies to be viewed with a resolution of 4K ultra HD, 1080p and 720p. The device offers more than 140 channels and applications; you can also find news and promotions in the home panel. The Alexa voice control gives a unique touch to this TV system making it unique in its style and programming.


Fire TV offers a wide variety of channels; Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, Youtube, Amazon Video and many more, also includes thousands of different series episodes available to watch, some of which include subscription fees. It is also possible to watch live and direct television as sporting events and news.


The use of the control is very simple and practical. It is recommended to use voice control for a faster search. To make use of it you only have to press the button and mean what you want to see or search and automatically Alexa will find it for you. If you want to skip the announcements and make a quick start you just say “Fast forward in a minute” and go directly to the interface you want. Alexa is a great tool that not only changes the channels with the voice but is able to do many operations like ordering food, buying popcorn and snacks, and endless activities and orders.


A practical feature of the new devices from Amazon is that they can now pair the Fire TV and Echo and so it is possible to control Fire TV with Alexa. This system will continue to be smarter on Fire TV than any other device because it can fulfill a myriad of commands and tasks.


To watch the live TV channels you have to subscribe to them, Fire TV offers Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, CBS All Access and others. These services and subscriptions are made directly through the internet, which means that it does not require extra cables to transmit the signal. Fire TV also offers an interactive guide where you can check the programming of some channels and that way to know when you can see your favorite series or movie. The TV service also offers a membership which allows you to unlock thousands of series and movies to which not everyone has access.

Many series and movies are available at any time, as well as thousands of songs with Prime Music. In Fire TV you can find series like Mozart in the Jungle to big shows like Creative Galaxy. By being a premium member of Amazon Fire TV you can access more channels and you can even try them before subscribing, prices are low, ranging from $ 1.99 to $ 2.99 a month, and can be canceled at any time.


Fire TV is a great option to have a TV system, the quality of its channels and the wide variety of services it possesses make it very attractive. Thousands of people have contracted in the United States. Although the service is global, not all countries are possible to see all channels, as in some there are locks or the internet is not very fast to meet the good performance of the computer. The system is very simple to install and does not require many cables, simply connect it to the TV and the internet is ready to go.


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