Prosperity and abundance are not casual or appear out of nothing; there are very particular factors that determinate this. When our mind and body are dispersed and away from one another, we will hardly get the things, situations and people we have been craving in our lives. Although this, there is a way that promises to bring the positive changes that have always been around.


What is the 15 minute manifestation?

The 15 minute manifestation program works in order to improve the human capacity to provide everything the person using it either needs or desires, creating a portal to prosperity that brings out all the things the mind canalizes. Its theory supports that we are born with those abilities, but due to life circumstances and growing up, we lose them from an early age.

In this guide, Eddie Sergey studies and translates these scientific techniques to an easily understood language, helping the listener to recover their quality of life while developing the natural link with their essential being.


15 Minute Manifestation


How does it work?

These audio track systems labor in conjunct in order to allow a positive transformation in your life. Far away from any self-help book or demanding, tiring method, the brainwaves do all the work, while directly activating the subconscious state. In a fifteen minute manifestation, a meditative state emerges from the inside out, providing a condition of absolute peace, allowing your affirmations to become a bigger force and transforming you into a capable being committed to helpful changes and a more assertive personality. During that little time, you could effortlessly materialize everything all you ever desired; but that until now, though your good intentions, the attempts have been in vain. This program stimulates the Law of Attraction, which is in charge to bring or push away the things you want in your life.

If we analyze more deeply what this technique is and how it can cause a massive improvement without any effort, we find that the invocation of this elemental state comes through brainwaves, specifically Theta waves included in the audio tracks. The brain stimulation produced by them leads to the brain sync.

The brain’s internal system of communications is based on its frequency. If you “speak” to your brain in its own internal language, you could quick and radically increase the production of a chosen neurotransmitter, which boosts the secretion of some chemical substances responsible of vital capacities like learning, pain healing and pleasure.

The 15 minute manifestation activates these abilities, playing the audios that lead the brain to work in theta frequency, taking your mind to its purest condition, or how some people like to call it: where the magic happens.


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This program guarantees a progressive improvement of every aspect of your life. Prosperity and wealth, better relationships, happiness, freedom and success are just some examples for the benefits this method puts on your hands. Basically, it makes us realize that we could achieve whatever we want with zero effort; only by listening to the given audio tracks for the period of seven days. As its designer Eddie Sergey stats, once your thoughts have been fully reprogrammed and this fundamental power of our brain is activated, the compensations are forever.

With this program you will have the key to connect your mind to reality and make it function on your convenience whenever you want, materializing anything you wish and eradicating the unwanted things in your life, and that way, helping you find a quiet inner place. This therapy is not only made up to assist your mind sync with your essential origin, it helps to calm –and later on– to eliminate all negative idea that interrupt your harmony, until you are cured in a hundred percent. Best of all, this product gives 60 days money back guarantee to their customers. If you are not satisfied with this program, you can get all of your money back without any question asked.

“The four steps”

The therapy is constituted by four steps that carefully guide you to unite with your internal being, the responsible for your reality and what you make of life.


  • Step one: Emptiness and humane hush: This step consists on guiding your mind to a state of total silence, connecting it to a thought of something essential, to a place of nature, or the universe. Visualize that place; contemplate its immensity and infinite goodness. Take pleasure in the experience for a couple of minutes, this is the beginning of your state of meditation.
  • Step Two: Intuition and thoughts: It is based on asking your emphatic being to share its generosity with you one more time. Focus your attention on breathing, and once in a while, connect it to your wishes. This step commits to sync you with your essential being.
  • Step Three: Expression: To give yourself the opportunity of manifesting with no effort the life of your dreams. Wish a harmonious love life, wish an engaged business associate, you can wish anything you want.
  • Step Four: Emotion: In this step you will feel the gratefulness for what you have, to subsequently connect your mind to your yearnings, imagining how all of your wishes are reached easily in a perfect synchronization.

The 15 minute manifestation program includes three main audio tracks, plus a Deep Sleep Now bonus. The first one “Your Natural State” contributes to change the restrictive beliefs that make manifestation complicated as long as they are present; this first guide promises to take the state of consciousness to what it was when you were born. The following audio track called “Your New Story” allows you to build your own new reality, and in the third one “Moving Towards Abundance” the law of attraction is explained, finally doing a small visualization of what you wish.



  • This method can be used easily, by only listening 15 minutes each day.
  • It works through scientifically supported studies
  • It helps you to visualize and build a clearer idea of what you want to obtain in life.
  • The price is affordable and the benefits it guarantees are worth it.
  • The program contributes on the eradication of negative feelings like anxiety and irritation.



  • This program is only available online
  • Without following the steps by the book, the results are not guaranteed.


This wonderful hypnosis technique promises to provide you with feelings of empowering, independence and freedom that according with its antecedents, is the key to achieve anything you want through a seven day life-changing therapy. Coupon


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15 Minute Manifestation