3 Best Conception Positions – Positions For Getting Pregnant Quickly.

Posterior: This position can really ensure that your lover’s semen is as close as possible to the womb where the new life is made, because it is possible to maximize the depth of the angle. But there is one thing you might not like. That is, if the man has finished ejaculation while the woman is still standing or kneeling, the semen will fall straight down the road. The result is certainly not what you want to see. Sex can be taken after the position, but if you feel he has ejaculation, don’t hesitate to put him away, turning himself lying down! Believing that he is eager to become a father will be happy to accept such an arrangement.

Flexion: a high degree of bonding, but less feminine pleasure. The downside of a distance flexion mouth of the vagina, so the clitoris is difficult to receive stimulation and reduce the female orgasm to enjoy. But the benefit is that the penis can deeply into. It is very helpful for getting pregnant. So this position can be the fastest ideal one for married couples who want to have children. Flexion is to make the woman’s vagina and bed into a vertical angle, and let the vaginal opening, and between men and women do not parallel posture, and as far as possible in vertical manner for sexual intercourse. At this point, women can hook both feet of men’s shoulders, in order to facilitate sexual intercourse. Because the vagina and the bed are 90 degrees angle, so the male ejaculated semen is not easy to flow out of the vagina, so it is the best conception position.

Riding position: Female sex riding posture recovery method has two kinds, a butt sitting directly in the other half of the waist, an elbow on the body. Because it is a female sexual intercourse activity in the position, so the depth of the penis with the woman sitting angles have different female upper body upright when the deep insertion, while men can also enjoy the female breast, and touch the female body erogenous zone. And if women are excited to jump up and down, and use time to caress men’s penis, there will be a fairly pleasant sexual act. If you worry about women sitting up because of intense exercise can not keep the center of gravity and fall, men can considerate set up two knees to help women.

Standing position is generally considered to be the most difficult form of sexual intercourse. Because of sexual life, female genital organs prolapse, vaginal opening, after the end of sexual intercourse, most of the semen with the penis out and out of the body, the chances of conception is very low. Second, sitting reduces the chances of conception. Click here to Read more Great Naturally Methods for Getting Pregnant Quickly!